Speedway Related Spreadsheets

For The 2022 Versions Of KanDysoft Speedway Files

Account holders:-
E-Mail KanDysoft with your order and send your payment via  PayPal to account name : dgambrill@ntlworld.com
(Please confirm your order requirements in the 'Note' dialogue box.)

This facility can also be use by people without a PayPal account.
Payment can be made by Debit or Credit Card.
Just type http://www.paypal.com into your browser and follow the instructions on the Send Money tab.
Spreadsheets paid for via PayPal will be e-mailed within 24 hours of receipt of your order.

Cheque  & Postal Order Payments

Cheque / Postal Orders (UK Sterling ONLY) made payable to D GAMBRILL
3 Edale Green
LE10 2RP

On receipt of your payment zipped copies of your file(s) will be e-mailed.
Please DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS with your payment to enable us to send you the file(s) and keep you informed of upgrades/ 'bug' fixes.

Please allow up to 7 days for e-mail to be sent.

Files are usually sent in Zipped format. Please indicate if you DO NOT HAVE WinZip.
A free evaluation download of WinZip is available from www.winzip.com

A FREE similar (and compatible) ZIP programme "JZip" is available from:-